Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rainy day in our Hunter Boots

My outfit:  Hunter Boots // Jeans // Striped Top // White top (my new fav) // Hat

Charlotte's outfit: Hunter Boots // Shirt // Jacket Jeans

I literally can't help myself.  I can't help but coordinate our outfits as much as possible!  I try not to take it TOO far by 100% twinning...but a touch of stripes and pop of green coordination is okay, right? Gotta do it while she's still young enough to let me ;)

We love our Hunter Boots!  I couldn't resist getting Charlotte her first pair this year when I found them on mega-sale at Nordstrom last month.  I went with red so that they can be passed down to her SOMEDAY little brother OR sister! 

We are loving this cooler fall weather and hope its here to stay!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Ten Weeks: Baby Must Haves

Time is truly flying by so fast.  I know that everyone says that when you have a baby - but it is so true! Today I am excited to share my 2 month (she is 10 weeks this week so I labeled it as that) baby favorites. I am still loving all of the baby items from my last post a month ago (here), but here are some more to add to the list! 
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

1. Warm Sleep Sacks: While I still love the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets (mentioned in my last post on my 6 week favorites) for light weight blankets - we are no longer swaddling Charlotte at night. We noticed a few weeks ago that she seemed uncomfortable and she was breaking free out of the swaddle (she has super strong legs!). We decided to try not swaddling her to see how she did.  This made me a little nervous because she can roll onto her side, but since she can't roll onto her tummy yet we knew it was okay. Without the swaddle blanket I didn't want her to be cold, but we obviously aren't going to cover her in loose blankets in her crib.  Enter: the sleep sack. I buy the fleece kind so that I know she is warm, and we also put socks on her feet for extra warmth. She instantly started sleeping better! These are amazing and I highly recommend them for those who do not want to swaddle their baby. They also make it much easier for those middle of the night diaper changes!

2. Nose Frida:  This thing seems disgusting, but it is amazing. My husband thinks I have a super weird obsession with sucking my baby's snot from her nose (No it doesn't go into your mouth!!!! There's a filter.) But can you imagine having a stuffed up nose and not being able to blow it?! This is the reason I love the Nose Frida. It's super easy to use, and Charlotte doesn't seem to mind me sticking it in her nose at all. Its much easier to use and more effective than the bulb thing you take home from the hospital. Charlotte hasn't been sick yet with an actual runny nose, but I know that someday when that happens, I will be so glad I have this to help drain her little nose. (Okay this does sound kind of gross, moving on…)

3. Baby Mobile: I don't know about your baby- but my baby is OBSESSED with ceiling fans and looking at light fixtures and basically anything above her head in the air/on the ceiling. We noticed that when we pick her up, she instantly throws her head back to look up at the ceiling. Lay her in her bassinet below the ceiling fan in the living room and this baby is totally entertained.  This is why we decided that she needed a colorful mobile immediately. I went to Target (of course) and browsed their selection, and picked out this cute rainforest animal mobile because its colorful and it plays music. SHE LOVES IT! Seriously this mobile is the greatest thing to ever happen to us.  I'm able to shower every morning because I know she is safe in her crib and totally entertained for at least a good 30 minutes. It's the cutest thing ever - when we lay her down under it she gets the biggest smile on her face and kicks her legs/does a little dance. It also has a glowing light giraffe on the side that she could stare at forever, as well as a mirror in the center of it so she can see herself.  I try to only put her under her mobile once or twice a day so that its a treat for her and she doesn't lose interest.  This is usually in the morning when I need to get ready, and sometimes during dinner time when we are eating. 
**If you are paranoid of anything being above your baby's head at night like I am (this is why I didn't want a mobile at first) - just attach it to the end of the crib that the baby's head isn't at at night. That way if it did fall off into the crib for some reason, it won't land on baby!

4. Stroller: UPPABaby Vista: When I got pregnant, the baby item I was most excited to get was the stroller. I knew it would be something I use every day, and I wanted one that will be durable and last for all of the babies we have. At the time (and still kind of now) it seemed like everyone was obsessed with the Bugaboo strollers. However, I know how the blogging world works. Its safe to say that a majority of these girls I saw parading around on the internet with their trendy Bugaboo stroller not only received it for free, but was also being paid to tell everyone how much they love it. There's a good chance that if they were buying their own stroller, they might not have picked this brand. Since I was not receiving mine for free (so this is my 100% honest opinion) - I wanted one that I personally thought was the best. (And is it just me--or do the Bugaboo strollers seem really low to the ground??) I did a lot of research and picked the UPPABaby Vista stroller. It's AMAZING and I am so glad I did!  Yes, it is spendy…but its worth every penny! Get a gender neutral color (I picked black) and you can use it for each baby you have. It comes with a bassinet that Charlotte LOVES to go for walks in because she can kick her legs around and look up at the sky. I also purchased the adapter so that I can put my car seat on it and go.  This comes in handy as the car seat with baby in it is super heavy, so I always make sure to have my stroller in the car!  It also comes with a lot of cool accessories like a bug net, rain cover, etc. 
Car seat adapter: here
Drink/phone holder: here  (This is a must have!)

5. Car Seat: I also researched a lot about car seats when I became pregnant. I wanted one that was extra safe and durable, so I read all of the reviews and did a lot of research.  We picked the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio car seat and love it. Again, I got it in black to keep it gender neutral. I'm not sure about other car seats because she has never sat in one - but this one seems to be so comfortable that Charlotte usually always falls asleep in it and can stay asleep in it for hours while I am out running errands! 

Charlotte during our 2 month photo shoot…she's such a happy girl! :)
Dress: Old Baby Gap-- Similar
Headband: Willow Crowns

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Six Weeks: Baby Must Haves

We have officially survived the first six weeks of parenthood!  On Monday, 8/18, our sweet Charlotte Grace turned six weeks old.  I meant to post this at 1 month, but then time flew by and now its already been a little over 6 weeks!  It really is mind blowing how extremely fast time flies.

When I was pregnant, I loved reading all of the "must haves" that other mommy bloggers suggested to help me get prepared. So I decided to share my own list that I put together in the middle of the night during a feeding.(Thank goodness for iPhones!) I'm definitely no expert, but I do think you learn VERY quickly what seems to work and what doesn't!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8

1. Nail trimmer: Babies nails grow quickly and you hate to see your baby scratch her little face! I love how easy it is to use and trim her little nails. Instead of clipping and worrying about accidentally snipping your baby's finger  - this is more like an electric nail file and super easy to use.

2. Zipper jammies:  I learned very quickly that it's next to impossible to button up all the little buttons correctly on button up jammies when changing the diaper at 3am after you've been up most of the night already. I can't figure out why they even make them with all those buttons when you could just use a zipper instead?  I've found that they sell a lot more jammies that button up the front instead of the zipper, so whenever I see a zipper version I always buy it.  I've found some cute zipper jammies at both Target and BabyGap. Trust me. It's SO much easier to just (carefully) zip up those jammies when you're dead tired and the baby is wiggling!

3. Diaper Bag: It was hard for me to decide on a diaper bag, but I am so happy with the choice I made. This Marc Jacob's diaper bag has worked perfectly for me. I love that its basically a big open bag inside so I can throw everything I need in it when running out the door. It has plenty of pockets for everything I need too. I especially love the thin exterior pocket on the front to put my car key and cell phone in for easy access.  I have it in tan but love the black too!

4. Aden + Anais Burpy bibs: You can't have enough burp rags around the house. I have a bunch of different kinds, but was given these burpy bibs as a gift and they are by far the best.  They fit perfectly on your shoulder with the arch in the middle, and they are heavy/thick enough so they don't fall off.  They are also super soft so I like wiping Char's face with these more than with the others. They are a little spendy, but they work as a bib too so they are totally worth it! 

5. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets: I use these blankets by far more than anything else. I received so many as gifts and now I know why - they are the best!  We use them to swaddle Charlotte at night when she goes to sleep, but we use them constantly throughout the day as well.  I have probably 20 of them and I'm so glad I do.  We use them as a blanket in her car seat and stroller to keep her warm, but since it's summer it's nice because they are so lightweight. I highly recommend getting a couple packs of them. They get softer and softer with every wash too. And as a bonus they come in the cutest designs!

6. Sleep Sheep: I'm not sure if this is more for Charlotte or for my husband and me.  Before Charlotte, we always slept with a loud fan on in our room.  Since she's joined us in our bedroom at night, we don't like the loud fan on because I want to be sure I hear her.  The Sleep Sheep is the perfect sound machine because it makes it so our room isn't completely silent but you can turn it down so it isn't too loud and doesn't drown the baby's noises out. I really do think it helps Char sleep more soundly too. We also got the small travel Sleep Sheep and are excited to use it in those quiet hotel rooms on trips.

7. 4moms Infant Tub: Charlotte LOVES bath time. We try to bathe her every night before bed and have made it part of her bedtime routine. This tub is awesome because she fits in it well, and it has a section that the sink water flows into first to take the water's temp. It helps you get the perfect temperature for the bath water, and if it gets too hot an alarm goes off!  We love it.

8. Dr. Brown's pacifiers: I always see people using the soothie pacifiers, so I assumed they were the best and loaded up on them. Luckily I received a pack of these pacifiers as a gift at my shower and tried them after the soothies kept falling out of her mouth too easily. We LOVE these! They stay in Charlotte's mouth so much better and she seems to love them too.

I will continue to share our favorite items as time goes by - I hope this list helps some new mommy-to-be's out there! xoxo

Monday, July 21, 2014

Charlotte Grace: 2 Weeks

Our sweet Charlotte Grace was born two weeks ago today, on July 7, 2014 at 6:28pm. She weighed 9 lbs 1.6 oz(!!!) and 21 1/2 in. long.  She had a little bit of a rough start with a 3 night stay in the NICU and then home with jaundice, but we are so thankful to have our healthy and happy baby girl home with us. Here are some photos from the first two weeks of Charlotte's life…these last two weeks have definitely been the best of our life!  We are so in love, there is truly nothing better.

 Charlotte's newborn hospital hat

Her 3rd night in the NICU we got to have her in a room with us.  We were so lucky to have so much support from both of our parents these first couple of weeks, especially those rough first few days.

So happy to be discharged from the NICU and headed home!

Papa (my father in law) did Charlotte's first check up at his office!

Our favorite time of day…daddy's home from work!

My first time driving Charlotte by myself…I was pretty nervous :)
**I had a hard time picking out a diaper bag, and so far I am SO glad I picked this one!  I love the long strap and it has a lot of room inside to throw everything you need in it and run out the door.

Moxee finally realized after about a week that we were keeping the baby :)

My niece Aydree finally getting to hold her new cousin.

She turns into a little dinosaur when she's hungry!

Early morning after feeding kissy faces :)

Lazy Sunday afternoon in our sweats!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mommy/Daughter Style: Summer Whites

For Baby Girl: 1 - Dress // 2 - Shoes

I am loving all-white looks for summer!  I can't wait to match my baby girl in our all white outfits :) How cute are those baby Sperry's?  I am SO looking forward for baby girl to get here for a million reasons, and one of them is to get back into regular clothes!  J.Crew is having 30% off a lot of summer clothes with code: HISUMMER - perfect time to stock up!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Pregnancy must haves...

I didn't have many resources for pregnancy recommendations when I first became pregnant, as I only have a couple close friends who have experienced pregnancy already. Because of this, I relied a lot on the internet and blogs to find good products to use from other new moms. Now that I am nearing the end of my pregnancy, I thought I would share some of mine. Here are a few of my personal pregnancy must haves that I have loved over the last 9 months of my pregnancy...

1. The Bump Nest pregnancy pillow  - this pillow has been an absolute LIFE SAVER.  I ended up ordering it online early on in my pregnancy (I think around 16 weeks) when I found out I shouldn't be sleeping on my back.  I only slept on my back before so this new reality of sleeping on my side was not fun.  The pillow arrived and I have used it ever since.  Sleeping on my side has caused my hips to ache badly, so there were a few days a couple months ago I was desperate and decided to try sleeping without this pillow.  My husband noticed me rolling onto my back without the pillow during these nights without it, so my trusty pillow came back to bed with me. :)  Not only is it comfortable to snuggle up to with your growing belly, but I really do believe it helps you sleep on your side! And plus - there are some really cute pillow cases to choose from!  

2. Mustela Stretch Marks Cream - While I don't know if lotions and stretch mark creams actually work (I'm pretty positive its a genetic thing) - this cream was recommended to me by my friend and it does work great if you want to try one.  It also smells yummy!

3. Long tanks - These cheap tank tops are a MUST HAVE.  A few different girls suggested them to me, and I am so glad I ran out and stocked up on them.  For over the first half of your pregnancy, you will probably be able to wear most of your regular shirts…they just become a little short.  I just layered these tanks under my tops and they worked great.  Once my button ups no longer buttoned, I still used these as an under shirt and was able to wear my regular button ups, just unbuttoned.  The tanks are only  $3.80 so I think I have like 5 in white and 5 in black since I wore them every day.  I definitely suggest getting them in black…they are slimming!

4. Face wash - My skin has always been kind of problematic.  When I became pregnant, I decided to let go of my beloved skin care line that contains Benzyl Peroxide. (Some doctor's say its okay to use, some don't. I decided to be safe and get rid of it.) My face instantly broke out worse than ever in my life!  The first couple months of pregnancy were awful feeling like my skin looked so horrible.  I tried using just Dove soap at first and it didn't help. I think I looked at every face wash at Sephora, but no luck finding one that worked for me.  I finally tried this Bare Minerals face wash and my skin instantly cleared up 100%.  There has been no bigger relief than having completely clear skin!  Now here's to hoping it continues to work post-pregnancy :)

5. Black maternity work pants - Working in an office environment, I knew I would need to get some plain black maternity pants once I was no longer able to button my regular work pants.  I ordered a pair from Asos and have loved them. I couldn't find the exact pair I ordered awhile back, but they have a lot to choose from and are inexpensive.  I liked the kind that the band sits below my belly the best. 

6. Comfy flats - It's no secret that I live in my Tory Burch flats. I lived in them before I got pregnant, but I appreciated them a million times more once I became pregnant!  Unless you are super woman, you will probably only want to wear flats (or flip flops if you are pregnant in the summer) at least at the end of your pregnancy.  This particular pair are my favorite pair of Tory flats I own, they are the most comfy.  Now that its hot outside, I am also living in my favorite flip flops.  This pair are my go to, I live in the black pair.  Yesterday I ordered the gold pair and I am so excited for them to get here!  They will be perfect for running around with a new baby as well.

I hope my list helps!  What am I missing? Any other must haves you recommend?

Friday, June 20, 2014

Hair funk.

I'm in a hair-funk.  I am really, really boring when it comes to my hair.  [Long. Dark. Straight. Down. Repeat.]  While I don't think I'll be chopping off my hair or coloring it anything but dark brown, I do need to mix it up style wise.  Especially once my baby arrives, I know I will need to throw it back more instead of blow dry and straightening it everyday.  I am currently inspired by the photos above:  braids, buns & ponies. These are all simple ways to mix it up, and all styles that I need to start trying out ASAP!  [All images via my beauty Pinterest board]

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