Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Six Weeks: Baby Must Haves

We have officially survived the first six weeks of parenthood!  On Monday, 8/18, our sweet Charlotte Grace turned six weeks old.  I meant to post this at 1 month, but then time flew by and now its already been a little over 6 weeks!  It really is mind blowing how extremely fast time flies.

When I was pregnant, I loved reading all of the "must haves" that other mommy bloggers suggested to help me get prepared. So I decided to share my own list that I put together in the middle of the night during a feeding.(Thank goodness for iPhones!) I'm definitely no expert, but I do think you learn VERY quickly what seems to work and what doesn't!

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1. Nail trimmer: Babies nails grow quickly and you hate to see your baby scratch her little face! I love how easy it is to use and trim her little nails. Instead of clipping and worrying about accidentally snipping your baby's finger  - this is more like an electric nail file and super easy to use.

2. Zipper jammies:  I learned very quickly that it's next to impossible to button up all the little buttons correctly on button up jammies when changing the diaper at 3am after you've been up most of the night already. I can't figure out why they even make them with all those buttons when you could just use a zipper instead?  I've found that they sell a lot more jammies that button up the front instead of the zipper, so whenever I see a zipper version I always buy it.  I've found some cute zipper jammies at both Target and BabyGap. Trust me. It's SO much easier to just (carefully) zip up those jammies when you're dead tired and the baby is wiggling!

3. Diaper Bag: It was hard for me to decide on a diaper bag, but I am so happy with the choice I made. This Marc Jacob's diaper bag has worked perfectly for me. I love that its basically a big open bag inside so I can throw everything I need in it when running out the door. It has plenty of pockets for everything I need too. I especially love the thin exterior pocket on the front to put my car key and cell phone in for easy access.  I have it in tan but love the black too!

4. Aden + Anais Burpy bibs: You can't have enough burp rags around the house. I have a bunch of different kinds, but was given these burpy bibs as a gift and they are by far the best.  They fit perfectly on your shoulder with the arch in the middle, and they are heavy/thick enough so they don't fall off.  They are also super soft so I like wiping Char's face with these more than with the others. They are a little spendy, but they work as a bib too so they are totally worth it! 

5. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets: I use these blankets by far more than anything else. I received so many as gifts and now I know why - they are the best!  We use them to swaddle Charlotte at night when she goes to sleep, but we use them constantly throughout the day as well.  I have probably 20 of them and I'm so glad I do.  We use them as a blanket in her car seat and stroller to keep her warm, but since it's summer it's nice because they are so lightweight. I highly recommend getting a couple packs of them. They get softer and softer with every wash too. And as a bonus they come in the cutest designs!

6. Sleep Sheep: I'm not sure if this is more for Charlotte or for my husband and me.  Before Charlotte, we always slept with a loud fan on in our room.  Since she's joined us in our bedroom at night, we don't like the loud fan on because I want to be sure I hear her.  The Sleep Sheep is the perfect sound machine because it makes it so our room isn't completely silent but you can turn it down so it isn't too loud and doesn't drown the baby's noises out. I really do think it helps Char sleep more soundly too. We also got the small travel Sleep Sheep and are excited to use it in those quiet hotel rooms on trips.

7. 4moms Infant Tub: Charlotte LOVES bath time. We try to bathe her every night before bed and have made it part of her bedtime routine. This tub is awesome because she fits in it well, and it has a section that the sink water flows into first to take the water's temp. It helps you get the perfect temperature for the bath water, and if it gets too hot an alarm goes off!  We love it.

8. Dr. Brown's pacifiers: I always see people using the soothie pacifiers, so I assumed they were the best and loaded up on them. Luckily I received a pack of these pacifiers as a gift at my shower and tried them after the soothies kept falling out of her mouth too easily. We LOVE these! They stay in Charlotte's mouth so much better and she seems to love them too.

I will continue to share our favorite items as time goes by - I hope this list helps some new mommy-to-be's out there! xoxo

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