Monday, July 21, 2014

Charlotte Grace: 2 Weeks

Our sweet Charlotte Grace was born two weeks ago today, on July 7, 2014 at 6:28pm. She weighed 9 lbs 1.6 oz(!!!) and 21 1/2 in. long.  She had a little bit of a rough start with a 3 night stay in the NICU and then home with jaundice, but we are so thankful to have our healthy and happy baby girl home with us. Here are some photos from the first two weeks of Charlotte's life…these last two weeks have definitely been the best of our life!  We are so in love, there is truly nothing better.

 Charlotte's newborn hospital hat

Her 3rd night in the NICU we got to have her in a room with us.  We were so lucky to have so much support from both of our parents these first couple of weeks, especially those rough first few days.

So happy to be discharged from the NICU and headed home!

Papa (my father in law) did Charlotte's first check up at his office!

Our favorite time of day…daddy's home from work!

My first time driving Charlotte by myself…I was pretty nervous :)
**I had a hard time picking out a diaper bag, and so far I am SO glad I picked this one!  I love the long strap and it has a lot of room inside to throw everything you need in it and run out the door.

Moxee finally realized after about a week that we were keeping the baby :)

My niece Aydree finally getting to hold her new cousin.

She turns into a little dinosaur when she's hungry!

Early morning after feeding kissy faces :)

Lazy Sunday afternoon in our sweats!


  1. Welcome to the world, Charlotte Grace! It was such an honor to be at the hospital the day you arrived! Prayers, excitement, and so much love filled the waiting room until we got to meet you that evening. The love your mommy and daddy have for you is the most beautiful thing to see.

  2. Girls are the best for playing dress up with!

  3. Where did you get her newborn hat? The one she wore in the hospital? I'm having a girl in October and would love it!

    1. I ordered it on Amazon…there's actually a link to the exact hat below one of her pictures wearing it above in the post :)

  4. Awwh your baby girl is so adorable. Congrats!
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