Monday, September 15, 2014

Ten Weeks: Baby Must Haves

Time is truly flying by so fast.  I know that everyone says that when you have a baby - but it is so true! Today I am excited to share my 2 month (she is 10 weeks this week so I labeled it as that) baby favorites. I am still loving all of the baby items from my last post a month ago (here), but here are some more to add to the list! 
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1. Warm Sleep Sacks: While I still love the Aden + Anais swaddle blankets (mentioned in my last post on my 6 week favorites) for light weight blankets - we are no longer swaddling Charlotte at night. We noticed a few weeks ago that she seemed uncomfortable and she was breaking free out of the swaddle (she has super strong legs!). We decided to try not swaddling her to see how she did.  This made me a little nervous because she can roll onto her side, but since she can't roll onto her tummy yet we knew it was okay. Without the swaddle blanket I didn't want her to be cold, but we obviously aren't going to cover her in loose blankets in her crib.  Enter: the sleep sack. I buy the fleece kind so that I know she is warm, and we also put socks on her feet for extra warmth. She instantly started sleeping better! These are amazing and I highly recommend them for those who do not want to swaddle their baby. They also make it much easier for those middle of the night diaper changes!

2. Nose Frida:  This thing seems disgusting, but it is amazing. My husband thinks I have a super weird obsession with sucking my baby's snot from her nose (No it doesn't go into your mouth!!!! There's a filter.) But can you imagine having a stuffed up nose and not being able to blow it?! This is the reason I love the Nose Frida. It's super easy to use, and Charlotte doesn't seem to mind me sticking it in her nose at all. Its much easier to use and more effective than the bulb thing you take home from the hospital. Charlotte hasn't been sick yet with an actual runny nose, but I know that someday when that happens, I will be so glad I have this to help drain her little nose. (Okay this does sound kind of gross, moving on…)

3. Baby Mobile: I don't know about your baby- but my baby is OBSESSED with ceiling fans and looking at light fixtures and basically anything above her head in the air/on the ceiling. We noticed that when we pick her up, she instantly throws her head back to look up at the ceiling. Lay her in her bassinet below the ceiling fan in the living room and this baby is totally entertained.  This is why we decided that she needed a colorful mobile immediately. I went to Target (of course) and browsed their selection, and picked out this cute rainforest animal mobile because its colorful and it plays music. SHE LOVES IT! Seriously this mobile is the greatest thing to ever happen to us.  I'm able to shower every morning because I know she is safe in her crib and totally entertained for at least a good 30 minutes. It's the cutest thing ever - when we lay her down under it she gets the biggest smile on her face and kicks her legs/does a little dance. It also has a glowing light giraffe on the side that she could stare at forever, as well as a mirror in the center of it so she can see herself.  I try to only put her under her mobile once or twice a day so that its a treat for her and she doesn't lose interest.  This is usually in the morning when I need to get ready, and sometimes during dinner time when we are eating. 
**If you are paranoid of anything being above your baby's head at night like I am (this is why I didn't want a mobile at first) - just attach it to the end of the crib that the baby's head isn't at at night. That way if it did fall off into the crib for some reason, it won't land on baby!

4. Stroller: UPPABaby Vista: When I got pregnant, the baby item I was most excited to get was the stroller. I knew it would be something I use every day, and I wanted one that will be durable and last for all of the babies we have. At the time (and still kind of now) it seemed like everyone was obsessed with the Bugaboo strollers. However, I know how the blogging world works. Its safe to say that a majority of these girls I saw parading around on the internet with their trendy Bugaboo stroller not only received it for free, but was also being paid to tell everyone how much they love it. There's a good chance that if they were buying their own stroller, they might not have picked this brand. Since I was not receiving mine for free (so this is my 100% honest opinion) - I wanted one that I personally thought was the best. (And is it just me--or do the Bugaboo strollers seem really low to the ground??) I did a lot of research and picked the UPPABaby Vista stroller. It's AMAZING and I am so glad I did!  Yes, it is spendy…but its worth every penny! Get a gender neutral color (I picked black) and you can use it for each baby you have. It comes with a bassinet that Charlotte LOVES to go for walks in because she can kick her legs around and look up at the sky. I also purchased the adapter so that I can put my car seat on it and go.  This comes in handy as the car seat with baby in it is super heavy, so I always make sure to have my stroller in the car!  It also comes with a lot of cool accessories like a bug net, rain cover, etc. 
Car seat adapter: here
Drink/phone holder: here  (This is a must have!)

5. Car Seat: I also researched a lot about car seats when I became pregnant. I wanted one that was extra safe and durable, so I read all of the reviews and did a lot of research.  We picked the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio car seat and love it. Again, I got it in black to keep it gender neutral. I'm not sure about other car seats because she has never sat in one - but this one seems to be so comfortable that Charlotte usually always falls asleep in it and can stay asleep in it for hours while I am out running errands! 

Charlotte during our 2 month photo shoot…she's such a happy girl! :)
Dress: Old Baby Gap-- Similar
Headband: Willow Crowns

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