Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Links I love.

Happy Wednesday!  This week is flying by, and like always - work is busier than ever.  I thought I'd share some links I love for a mid week pick-me-up.  Some made me laugh really hard, one made me tear up, and one just inspired me.. a lot (working girl-girl power). My husband is the king of finding gems on youtube, so some of these are from emails he sends to me at work to make my day!  Enjoy...

Baby's emotional reaction to mother's song
-Ok this video really made my day today.  My husband emailed it to me this morning and I forgot to watch until he reminded me tonight, and I'm so glad he reminded me!!  It's the cutest video ever and I laughed so hard :)

Cats stealing dog beds
-Another video my hubby found and sent me.  We aren't cat people but love love love dogs and this video is so cute!

Women in business
-Shoot my husband sent me this one too.  But it was sweet because he knew it is one that would inspire me. And it did.  I am currently reading Lean In because my dad got it for me (how lucky am I to have both a dad and husband that support me and help motivate me so much?), and this video goes along nicely with that book.  The CEO of (a sister company to my husband's work, is a woman and her talk definitely inspired me :)

29 underrated things about being in your late twenties
-If you are in your late twenties like me....go. Read this. Spot on.

My brother's photo blog
-My older brother is one of my best friends.  He also happens to be a super amazing & so so talented photographer.  Its just a casual hobby for him, but I love checking out his photo blog to see the new photos he takes on his adventures around the world.  He's super lucky and lives in SF, so there are a lot of great photos from around the Bay!  (The photos above are all from his blog)

New Rue
-One of my best friends moved to SF and landed a job at Rue Magazine right away...all on her own. Kelli now lives a fab life doing fab things in SF and I love to follow along and hear all about it!  I also love when the new issue of Rue comes out each month because A) I love the content and B) I know she works so hard on it and I am so proud of her!

Plus one
-My bestie is having a baby!!!!! I am so excited to be an Auntie again. I love this beautiful "announcement" post Christine & Cody did and I am so so happy that they are having a little baby....... __________!!!!! (Ok hurry up and announce the gender already I am bursting with excitement!)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Getaway.

Over the weekend, my husband and I went to Seattle for a quick weekend getaway.  We like taking at least one big/long trip a year, but our favorite thing to do is take lots of quick weekend getaways!  There's nothing better than getting out of town and re-charging and exploring another city with your husband - especially if its just a quick 1 hour flight to get there.
Our hotel was only a block away from the Market - perfect location!

The original Starbucks.  I had to be a tourist and take a picture :)

I'm lucky to have a husband that allows one of our first stops be Nordstrom.  We are so deprived to not have one where we live!

Sushi dinner date the first night. 

Nothing better than a TV in the bathroom mirror while getting ready :)

Our hotel (Four Seasons Seattle) was in the perfect location - we were able to walk everywhere and never had to take a taxi.  The view of the water and ferris wheel was nice too!

Headed out Saturday for more exploring.  We love walking as much as we can on trips like this.  There's no better way to explore a city than on foot!  We walked sooo many miles across the city.
We walked through the Seattle Aquarium.  Unfortunately, we decided that the big aquarium in Atlantis in the Bahamas has ruined all aquariums for us.  The Atlantis aquarium was SO big and amazing that this one felt pretty boring to us...

Next we walked to the EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum.  After the boring aquarium we were happy that this was a LOT more interesting.(We are museum geeks)  The museum was filled with props and costumes from lots of famous movies, original JRR Tolkien book transcripts, a big exhibit on Nirvana (I knew nothing about them when we walked in and now I'm pretty much a Nirvana expert), and guitars from people like Jimi Hendrix. We definitely recommend this museum! 

Movie costumes from the original Wizard of Oz.

Walking down into the Horror Movie exhibit.

Props from the Blair Witch Project movie.

Original Superman costume.

 On Saturday night we went to dinner at the Alibi Room. We shared my three favorite foods: pizza, mac & cheese and bruschetta :)
Mini-cupcake stop!  I am always chocolate & he is always vanilla.

Cozied up by the fire & enjoying the view at our hotel before dinner.

Late night room service :)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch with a bunch of our friends.  While only one of us has a kid...we used him as an excuse to go and do the hay ride and pick out pumpkins. Maybe next year little Bennett will have some new baby friends added to the group ;)

Laura the baby whisperer.

Annual Las Vegas trip...

Every September, my husband heads to Las Vegas for the busiest weekend of his year at work - the Mr. Olympia.  He works at, and this is his 4th year in Vegas for it and my 3rd year tagging along. While Eric is in back to back meetings and exhausted the entire weekend, I always manage to entertain myself with the pool and shopping with the other wives ;)

The first night while the hubby's were at dinner, Steph & I went to La Reve Cirque du soleil show at the Wynn and it was AMAZING!  My favorite show I've beautiful!!

Friday night party at Surrender nightclub.

Eric feeling super exhausted after his first long day of meetings.

Eric's old boss' wife and I became great friends....and then they moved to Texas :(  I look forward to seeing her more than anything every year in Vegas now!!! 

Shopping break at Serendipity with the girls :)

Obviously I got the huge grilled cheese.

Tory Burch visit...its tradition ;)

While the husbands work....the wives shop!!!

Dinner with one of Eric's vendors & some co-workers.

Eric + his co workers

Our good friends Steph & Trevor after dinner.

Our favorite hotel...the Wynn!

My best friend's wedding.

In September, my very best friend in the entire world got married!  Laura and I have been best friends for 21 years, and we have spent every single milestone by each other's side.  I am so glad I got to be there for her on her big day like she was for me on mine!

Laura and Greg were set up on a blind date years ago and I remember that night so well.  On the phone before their date we panicked that he might be a killer.  Little did we know he would be her future husband ;)  From the moment we met Greg I knew he was perfect for her.

They got married in Sandy, Utah at La Caille and it was BEAUTIFUL.  What a perfect place for a wedding - straight out of a fairytale!  We had the best time and are so happy for them.  Eric and I are so lucky to have these two as our life long best friends!

It was so great having our childhood best friends all together.

The bride, her sister & I at the rehearsal dinner.

Cutest gift!

Eric, the groom & his best man Miles.

My handsome date across the head table ;)

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