Sunday, March 23, 2014

6 months.

Funny thing.  I started my blog and was convinced I was going to update it often.....and then I got pregnant like a day later.  So its pretty much been exactly 6 months since I've updated!

My pregnancy has honestly been a breeze.  I feel so so lucky with how its gone so far!  Weeks 7-10 I was extremely exhausted [and super busy at work] so I would come home and be in bed by 6pm.  The exhaustion brought on nausea during those evenings.....but I know how much worse it could have been.  Once I hit week 12 I have felt like a normal human and actually forget I am pregnant at times!  I haven't had to take any time off work [not even one day] and haven't felt like I've had to slow down much at all. [Knock on wood!!!] While I am definitely beginning to feel bigger..I hope my pregnancy continues to be this great.

Since I've been MIA, I thought I would share my baby bump progress pics in one place [mostly for me to remember and look at later!] as well as a 6 month update.  Since I've been pregnant I love reading these updates from other girls, and I figure they will be nice to look back on!

How Far Along:  25 weeks on Wednesday!

Size of Baby: 13.62 in, 1.46 lbs! Size of a papaya

Maternity Clothes:  I've been wearing maternity pants for a couple weeks now.  I haven't been wearing maternity tops yet - just wearing a long tank underneath my regular tops. I've been loving shirts with slits in the my belly room to grow!

Stretch Marks: None yet! [Fingers crossed] - But as of 2 days ago, my belly has been itching like CRAZY :( Baby must be growing a lot this week!
Sleep:  Sleep has been rougher than normal lately.  Waking up at least once a night to pee [usually right around 4:30am], and since I am a back sleeper forcing myself to sleep on my sides - I wake up and my hips are SO sore. Loving my Bumpnest pillow because it helps me stay off my back and on my side!

Best Moment of the Week:  Registering with the hubby and shopping at Baby Gap with my mom!  This is her first Grand baby so we went a little crazy ;)  Another amazing moment: one of my best friends had her baby boy! Seeing her experience it all and now have her precious baby Beckam has made it so much more real for me.

 Movement:  Lots of big kicks! We can feel her from the outside now and she kicks the most when I get into bed at night.  My husband and I can even see her kicking occasionally from the outside now - that's my favorite!

Cravings:  I haven't really had any major cravings at all.  Sometimes I crave milk shakes, but I think I craved those before I was pregnant :)

Gender: GIRL! 

Belly Button In or Out:  OUT - totally out! I swear my belly button was the first thing to pop out.

Wedding Ring on or Off:  On

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick:  No

What I Miss: Diet coke and sleeping through the night!

What I am Looking Forward to:  Our Babymoon in a few weeks! Looking forward to the beach, sunshine, and time away with my hubby in a big way.

Labor Signs: None

Nursery:  A work in progress.  We have all the big pieces - crib, sofa & changing table/dresser. Now just accessorizing it and making it ready for our little Princess!  The closet is full though, that's for sure ;)

Emotions:  Feeling normal!

Baby on the way!

On Halloween we got some very exciting news.....we were pregnant!  I had a feeling all day at work that I was, and right when I got home I took the test. Sure mother's intuition had already kicked in and I got two positive tests!  I ran out into the living room jumping up and down and told Eric. It was such a surreal and amazing feeling.  Handing out candy to the cute little trick or treaters was all the more exciting now that we knew we had a little one on the way! 

We kept the secret to ourselves for a few days and then told our immediately family and a few best friends within the week. 

Right after we found out :)

Moxee is so excited to be a big sister :)


In November, Eric and I went to Dallas to visit my brother and see my beautiful cousin get married.  Growing up I went to Texas every summer because a majority of my extended family lives there.  I hope we can start going down to visit family more often now that I have a family of my own!  I love me some Texas shopping, sunshine & BBQ ;)

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