Monday, June 23, 2014

Pregnancy must haves...

I didn't have many resources for pregnancy recommendations when I first became pregnant, as I only have a couple close friends who have experienced pregnancy already. Because of this, I relied a lot on the internet and blogs to find good products to use from other new moms. Now that I am nearing the end of my pregnancy, I thought I would share some of mine. Here are a few of my personal pregnancy must haves that I have loved over the last 9 months of my pregnancy...

1. The Bump Nest pregnancy pillow  - this pillow has been an absolute LIFE SAVER.  I ended up ordering it online early on in my pregnancy (I think around 16 weeks) when I found out I shouldn't be sleeping on my back.  I only slept on my back before so this new reality of sleeping on my side was not fun.  The pillow arrived and I have used it ever since.  Sleeping on my side has caused my hips to ache badly, so there were a few days a couple months ago I was desperate and decided to try sleeping without this pillow.  My husband noticed me rolling onto my back without the pillow during these nights without it, so my trusty pillow came back to bed with me. :)  Not only is it comfortable to snuggle up to with your growing belly, but I really do believe it helps you sleep on your side! And plus - there are some really cute pillow cases to choose from!  

2. Mustela Stretch Marks Cream - While I don't know if lotions and stretch mark creams actually work (I'm pretty positive its a genetic thing) - this cream was recommended to me by my friend and it does work great if you want to try one.  It also smells yummy!

3. Long tanks - These cheap tank tops are a MUST HAVE.  A few different girls suggested them to me, and I am so glad I ran out and stocked up on them.  For over the first half of your pregnancy, you will probably be able to wear most of your regular shirts…they just become a little short.  I just layered these tanks under my tops and they worked great.  Once my button ups no longer buttoned, I still used these as an under shirt and was able to wear my regular button ups, just unbuttoned.  The tanks are only  $3.80 so I think I have like 5 in white and 5 in black since I wore them every day.  I definitely suggest getting them in black…they are slimming!

4. Face wash - My skin has always been kind of problematic.  When I became pregnant, I decided to let go of my beloved skin care line that contains Benzyl Peroxide. (Some doctor's say its okay to use, some don't. I decided to be safe and get rid of it.) My face instantly broke out worse than ever in my life!  The first couple months of pregnancy were awful feeling like my skin looked so horrible.  I tried using just Dove soap at first and it didn't help. I think I looked at every face wash at Sephora, but no luck finding one that worked for me.  I finally tried this Bare Minerals face wash and my skin instantly cleared up 100%.  There has been no bigger relief than having completely clear skin!  Now here's to hoping it continues to work post-pregnancy :)

5. Black maternity work pants - Working in an office environment, I knew I would need to get some plain black maternity pants once I was no longer able to button my regular work pants.  I ordered a pair from Asos and have loved them. I couldn't find the exact pair I ordered awhile back, but they have a lot to choose from and are inexpensive.  I liked the kind that the band sits below my belly the best. 

6. Comfy flats - It's no secret that I live in my Tory Burch flats. I lived in them before I got pregnant, but I appreciated them a million times more once I became pregnant!  Unless you are super woman, you will probably only want to wear flats (or flip flops if you are pregnant in the summer) at least at the end of your pregnancy.  This particular pair are my favorite pair of Tory flats I own, they are the most comfy.  Now that its hot outside, I am also living in my favorite flip flops.  This pair are my go to, I live in the black pair.  Yesterday I ordered the gold pair and I am so excited for them to get here!  They will be perfect for running around with a new baby as well.

I hope my list helps!  What am I missing? Any other must haves you recommend?


  1. I love Maderma. It helps with the stretch marks and my c-section scar. And a book at home foot spa to bring down the swelling.

  2. Is the face wash still working post pregnancy? And what moisturizer do/did u use? I am so desperate ! Please help!

    1. Yes, so far the face wash has still been working for me! If I feel a breakout coming on, I do use my spot treatment I used pre-pregnancy (Rodan & Fields Unblemished Spot treatment, the best stuff ever!) For lotion I just use a random lotion I got at Target - Clean & Clear morning burst lotion. If you are having problems with your skin (and not pregnant) I highly recommend the Rodan & Fields Unblemish line. It completely cleared up my skin when I was having problems before I got pregnant. It is a little spendy, but the BEST! Good luck! :)


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