Friday, June 20, 2014

Hair funk.

I'm in a hair-funk.  I am really, really boring when it comes to my hair.  [Long. Dark. Straight. Down. Repeat.]  While I don't think I'll be chopping off my hair or coloring it anything but dark brown, I do need to mix it up style wise.  Especially once my baby arrives, I know I will need to throw it back more instead of blow dry and straightening it everyday.  I am currently inspired by the photos above:  braids, buns & ponies. These are all simple ways to mix it up, and all styles that I need to start trying out ASAP!  [All images via my beauty Pinterest board]

1 comment:

  1. It's true that you'll want your hair up more when the baby comes. There are many other things to put first. But some of these pictures are great inspiration because I am having my third at the end of the summer, and I never thought of adding a little bit of curl before putting it up. I may try that!


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